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Gifted and Talented
A place to start: Is my child gifted?
Davidson Institute
Gifted Development Center
Gifted Test
Helping Your Highly Gifted Child
Hoagies' Gifted Education Page
I think in pictures, you teach in words
Ontario Gifted
What We Know About Academically Talented Students: A Sample of our Findings
Virtual School for the Gifted
Twice Exceptional (2E)
2e Newsletter
Asperger's Syndrome and Giftedness
CEC | Imagine Teaching Robin Williams -- Twice-Exceptional Children in Your School
Dual Exceptionalities
Dual Exceptionalities
Dual Exceptionalities. ERIC Digest.
Giftedness and Asperger's Syndrome: A New Agenda for Education (pdf file)
NAGC - Twice Exceptional Main
Twice Exceptional: The gifted child with other exceptionalities
Uniquely Gifted - Resources for Gifted/Special Needs Children