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Wendi Sotis, the author of two novels and several short stories taking Jane Austen’s beloved characters from Pride and Prejudice on journeys in new directions, graduated from Adelphi University with a degree in psychology. Sotis resides on Long Island, New York, with her husband and triplets.


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Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy meet as children. Over the years, their feelings for each other grow, but what will happen when unfortunate circumstances and interfering family members seek to keep them apart?

This was my NaNoWriMo 2010 story.

Please note that "A Promise to Remember" posted at some fan fiction forums

is similar, but not the same as the published version of the story.

The Blanket


While staying at Netherfield during Jane's illness, Elizabeth finds out about Mr. Darcy's "security blanket". When it comes into her possession, he "bear-naps" her "security bear". AHA July/August playground challenge. One-shot, Fluff (low angst), Rated Teen  4000 words

Dreams and Expectations

This is the original version. 

The story is in the process of being completely re-written for publication.

Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth quickly recognize their feelings for each other and form a friendship, but misunderstandings, and a bit of adventure, blur their path to happiness.  High angst, Rated Teen  171,000 words

A Lesson Hard Learned


Exactly what convinced Darcy to take Elizabeth’s reproofs to heart?  Inspired by the song “Closet Chronicles” by Kansas.  P&P, Regency, One-Shot, Rated Teen, High Angst.  Please trust me!  All is not what it seems.  I promise there will not be a sad ending! 3500 words

The Misadventures of

Young Lizzy Bennet: 

The Race



Young Lizzy Bennet and Charlotte Lucas teach themselves to ride a horse.  P&P, Regency, Everyone, Fluff (no angst), One-shot.

This story can stand alone but is also an elaboration on an event which was briefly mentioned in my story, Dreams and Expectations.   2800 words

NEW!  A Perilous Perusal  NEW!

On the morning following the proposal at Hunsford, while perusing Darcy's letter, Elizabeth's walk places her—as well as Darcy—in peril.  P&P, Regency, PG-13, Average Angst. 11,000 words



Sense & Sensibility, Mr. Darcy,

& Sharks in Space

This is in response to a challenge. We were given the title and a comic strip, and I came up with this. No time machine, but it does have time travel—well, sort of—and a few extra characters as well. I had no beta for this; sorry about the errors.  2200 words

Late night ramblings of a fan fiction writer

An exhausted writer gets silly while writing a P&P Regency fan fiction story. Crossover with Star Trek...sort of.  Silly Fluff, Everyone (I know - it is out of alphabetical order.  This deserves to be last, lol.) 900 words


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